About Us


We are a husband and wife duo who enjoy making our daughter giggle. As new parents we realized we only want to surround her with hand-crafted, non-toxic lovely toys and so it all started. My husband grew up with a Waldorf education and I with a wonderfully creative mother, together we are both inspired by the Waldorf philosophy of utilizing simple toys made from natural materials to inspire a child’s imagination. We believe wood toys and blocks are the perfect tool to help your child manifest a life long love of learning. Our wood blocks and toys are each hand-made with love using high quality materials safe for your child to play with. Each block is individually cut and sanded then dyed with water based non-toxic paints. After each wood toy is dyed it is sealed with a mixture of beeswax and organic almond oil or all natural pure Tung Oil ( a food safe oil cold pressed from nuts from the Tung Tree).

Along with our hand-crafted wood toys and block sets we also make other naturally derived toys, like silk ribbon hand kites, and we do custom orders. Please email us if you would like to order a custom set of wood blocks.

Email us at: info@woodblockcompany.com

*Photo on top taken by Melissa at www.mlovelife.com bottom photo is our little Elly