Redwood Mountain Blocks

Wood Block Company

$ 24.00

These beautiful mountains are hand reclaimed redwood from Northern California. Each piece is stained with a water base, non-toxic stain, creating a beautiful depth of color. The snowy peaks are hand painted on each mountain with all-natural milk paint. If you are not sure what milk paint is, it’s an all-natural paint containing basic ingredients including milk protein, limestone, clay and natural pigments so it's environmentally friendly, non-toxic and contains no VOCs. Each block is sealed with our beeswax and almond oil polish. These mountain wood block sets can be used for decorating your nursery and home, adding to your seasonal table, and of course played with by little hands!

Sold as pictured in the first three photographs.

Large mountain is approximately 4.5" x 6 X 1.5" (Length X Width X Depth). Smaller mountains range from 4” height x 3 to 5" width x 1.5" depth. Specific measurements can be provided upon request.

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